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5 Juicy Memoirs from Old-School TV Stars

Who among us has not wiled away an evening or weekend afternoon watching reruns of a sitcom or drama? Such a great guilty pleasure.

For this week’s book list, I’ve got some more guilty pleasures: Delicious gossipy memoirs penned by some stars of your most beloved old-school shows. Don’t tell us you didn’t watch. Don’t tell us you don’t remember.

rob lowe tuenight bethanne patrick love life memoir

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Love Life by Rob Lowe
Who knew this guy would be able to make the transition from child actor to Brat Pack bad boy to happily married, in-demand TV star? Now 50-something, Lowe remains handsome and funny, but has added humility and compassion — plus, the guy can write! From stories about the Playboy Mansion’s hot tub to tales of coaching Little League; Lowe’s life is full — and juicy!

rerun tuenight kate mulgrew born with teeth memoir

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Born with Teeth by Kate Mulgrew
You loved her as Captain Janeway, the first female Star Trek captain, but you may love her even more as the irascible Red on Orange Is the New Black. Kate Mulgrew spins an honest, funny and breathless account of her journey through theater, film and TV on her own terms. It’s officially out on April 15th and absolutely worth a pre-order.

rerun tuenight neil patrick harris memoir choose your own autobiography

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Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris
Doogie Howser, M.D. is all grown up. He has a successful acting career, a robust Twitter following (@ActuallyNPH), is happily married to the man of his dreams and the father of twins. What more could a man want? Find out in this slightly silly, always amusing memoir, which is written in the second person.

tuenight rue mcclanahan rerun my first five husbands memoir

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My First Five Husbands…and the Ones that Got Away by Rue McClanahan
‘Fess up: You’ve watched more than three reruns of The Golden Girls more than once. That’s fewer episodes than the real-life Blanche had husbands! In this saucy book, the late, great Rue McClanahan spills the deets on her turbulent love life, and also shares some great behind-the-scenes stories from The Golden Girls set.

rerun tuenight mackenzie phillips high on arrival

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High on Arrival by Mackenzie Phillips
If you watched One Day at a Time, you probably know why we haven’t seen much of Mackenzie Phillips since the show went off the air in 1984. The actress’ substance abuse struggles were public knowledge during the sitcom’s nine-year run. In this poignant autobiography, Phillips, who was also the daughter of John Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas, details her hard partying ways and fast-line Hollywood lifestyle, as well what it took to finally get clean and sober.

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