An Astrologer’s Self-Care Checklist to Get Us to Inauguration Day

November 4th has come and gone, and guess what? We finally have a President Elect! But we’re a far cry and a million angry White House tweets away from the moment ole Orange Crush exits the building.

Until then, you’re still here. You’ve still got bills to pay, a family to feed and a life to live.

Pace yourself and start preparing for the changes ahead in 2021.

As an Astrologer, I can tell you this election mess hasn’t reached its conclusion just yet. In fact, the current astrological aspects point to a “flip flopping” of information from the media for all of November. With Mars in Aries going direct on November 13th, we’ll see tensions and violence rise amongst the people and possibly even the threat of war. And then the lunar eclipse on November 30th will bring a big expose about our mass media, pointing to corruption we didn’t even see coming. 

The only thing that will remain the same in these coming months is your need to pace yourself and start preparing for the very real changes that are ahead in 2021.

Here’s a Post-Election Self Care Checklist to help you stay afloat.

  • Stay Hydrated: Everybody says this, but for real, winter is coming and so is dehydration. Water makes everything in your body function better, helping you eliminate toxins from your organs and release excess weight. Plus, hydration makes your skin look EPIC, and who cares what 45 is tweeting today when you’re lookin’ so fly?
  • Practice Vagus Nerve Release: My partner — a techie and yoga teacher — taught me this one, and it has been a game changer this year. Whenever you feel stressed, simply spend 60 seconds with your palms gently touching each of these areas of your body: ear, eyes, throat, heart and lower abdomen. It creates a pause and literally resets your brain from spiraling into anxiety.
  • Listen to K Pop… Seriously: I am hip-hop ’til I die, but I found it especially hard to listen to some of my more expletive-ridden bops this year, especially when my news was already providing so much content in that area. I needed a break. Along came K-Pop, which not only gave me the bass-heavy beats I craved, along with that 90s R&B sway I grew up with, it also came with visually stunning idols singing flawlessly in very aesthetically pleasing settings. I love me some WAP, but K-Pop just makes me feel so… happy!
  • Create a Vision Board of the World You Want to See: Our minds are about to become the main battleground in the coming months, as we are inundated with both celebratory and conflicting information about this 2020 election. As I’ve said before in my Empowerment Astrology videos, a lot of skeletons are about to come out of the closet concerning the media, so we are going to be flip-flopped around all the way up until Inauguration Day. It’s important that you create a clear vision for yourself of the world that you want to see in the future. It’s time for an online vision board party! Gather your gals — and photos, slogans, magazine clippings, etc. — and use your creativity to make a collage of your vision for the world you want to live in. Using your creativity in this way will help you not get caught up in the sensational fear strategies that are about to surface.
  • Set Weekly Meetups to Envision This New Phase: After you’ve vision boarded the hell out of the future, get some like-minded friends in on your vision. Set up weekly Zoom chats over wine to talk about the abundant future. Our beliefs are much more important than our efforts for the next three months, so join forces with others in speaking your hopes and intentions for the future into being. What you can see, can be. 
  • Create Energetic Boundaries: We’ve been exposed to a lot of trash talk this year. If the opinions of others have been clouding your judgment, that means you don’t have a clear understanding of who you are. And if you don’t know who you are, then you can’t make decisions that align you with the things you really want in life. I suggest you read Energetic Boundaries by Cyndi Dale to help you check the OPP (Other People’s Projections) at the door. 

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