Anti-Fads: 13 Women Share the Style They Won’t Retire

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We all have that one piece of clothing that has stuck with us despite changing styles and tastes. For me it’s pointy cowboy boots, simply because they look and feel good, in a flashy-dusty Tanya Tucker meets Lucinda Williams kind of way. Yeehaw.

So we asked our contributors and friends to tell us the one piece of clothing or beauty item that they will never let go of — or, something they brought back to life — and why. Interestingly, there were a few people who can’t let go of the very same things.

Big Hoop Earrings
"Hoops for Nuns" by Delia Langan. Available on Great.Ly
“Hoops for Nuns” by Delia Langan. Available on Great.Ly

I’ve been wearing big hoop earrings since the ’70’s and am grateful they’re back in style. They’re back in style, right?

Wendy Goldman Scherer

Pencil Skirts

I never throw them out. They are the Phoenix of the fashion world, always coming back, always red hot.

— Cat Weaver

A Black Cardigan
The J.Crew "Jackie" Cardigan. A classic.
The J.Crew “Jackie” Cardigan. A classic.

There is nothing more indispensable to an office dweller than a trusty black cardigan. They never go out of style and they never lose their utility. 

— Naama Bloom, Founder,


TN475_antifad_720bBirkenstocks are ridiculously comfortable and work well with the yoga-practicing, mala-bead-wearing, almond-milk-drinking, locally-grown-tomato-eating vibe I have going on.

Heather Barmore

I’ve worn them for 25 years and think it’s absolutely HI-larious they’re “on trend” now, when all along they’ve been a hippie staple.

— Allison Czarenecki,

Moto Jacket


My black motorcycle jacket, circa 1989. Because it reminds me of my inner NYC badass, even after 20 years of suburban living.

Kathleen Warner

Moto Boots

The motorcycle boots with square toes, a band and loop around the ankle. They will always be cool.

— Kate Davis

Burt’s Bees Lip BalmTN475_antifad_720e

I love it because of its perfect peppermintness I’ve been using it since 1991, and now have a tube of it by my bed, in the bathroom, in every bag I own (even my yoga mat bag) and in all my jacket pockets. I get jittery if I don’t have it.

Stacy Pershall

Ray-Ban Sunglasses


I am a ride-or-die fan of Ray-Ban sunglasses. I have Tom Cruise to thank for both my love of Wayfarers (Risky Business) and aviators (Top Gun) and I have rocked them ever since. They’re classic, timeless and entirely badass.

Kristin Booker,

I could not afford a pair of Ray-Bans when Tom Cruise sported them in Top Gun, but they were first on my list as soon as I had the means. I’ve had many other pairs of sunglasses since then, but these Old Faithfuls are always in my handbag.

Savita Iyer

Fringe BootsTN475_antifad_720f

I never let go of those fringy boots that were in a few years back. I still wear them in the winter even though I know they’re “out.” Even worse, they’re way too young for me. One friend has given me the nickname “Susatowa” because of them.

Susan Linney

Hair Accessories

I will probably never stop pulling back my hair with basic, plastic tortoise shell-y barrettes. I’ve had fancier ones; more colorful ones; scrunchies (though never banana clips); bra strap headbands and “twist ties,” and yet I still come back to the same plastic rectangle clasp every time.

Diane Otter

Around the house I still wear scrunchies. They are ugly, but easy on the hair.

— Jennifer Ha

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