Author: Eleanor Hong

Women Who Inspire: Lela Lee

(Photo Courtesy: NAME: Lela Lee AGE: 39 OCCUPATION: Creator of Angry Little Girls, Actress WHO SHE IS:  What is it like growing up Asian American? If you want the honest truth, you can turn to Lela Lee’s “Kim.” Imagine an unabashed little girl version of “Cathy” who curses like a sailor. Lee’s flagship cartoon, “Angry Little Asian Girl,” has evolved into a creative comic strip enterprise. In the comic, Lee features a cast of diverse characters growing up American but dealing with issues of ethnicity, assimilation and acceptance. From comic books, animated shorts to selling merchandise, Lee has grown her Angry Little Girls collection into an incredible business off an unconventional and zany cartoon. Her comic series is syndicated by GoComics and in 2012, was nominated for the comic industry’s “Harvey Award.” Lee is also a television writer and actress. She’s appeared in recurring roles on TV shows such as Scrubs and cast in independent films (Justin Lin’s Better Luck Tomorrow).  She also has worked on several popular TV programs — Felicity, Friends and Curb Your Enthusiasm, to name a few. Hailing from …

Women Who Inspire: Motoko Hunt

(Photo Courtesy of NAME: 
Motoko Hunt AGE:
Search Marketing Consultant; President and Founder of AJPR WHO SHE IS: You’ve heard of Google, Bing and Facebook  but have you ever heard of
 Baidu, Naver, Goo or Mixi?
 Motoko Hunt breaks the myth that Google has all the answers and that 
all your friends are on Facebook. Hunt is proving that there’s a 
bigger world out there for search and social media. She’s one of the search
 industry’s leading international digital marketing experts, with over 
20 years of experience in the Japanese and Asian online market. She 
advises multi-national brands on how to target a global audience, and has been trailblazing her own search
consultancy since 1998. She’s one of the few researchers that’s able to
 analyze multilingual search engines and social media platforms — and
 she can translate and explain it all in Japanese. 
Motoko speaks at leading digital conferences around the world, blogs and 
contributes to industry publications such as ClickZ, and MarkeZine. She’s also on the
 Board of Directors for SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional