Margit’s Note: Eat Crave Love

I want to be as spectacular as a Dahlia. I want that dulce de leche donut from Donut Plant. I want you. Desperately.

Oh, Desire. Juicy, berry-stained lipped desire —  eating and tasting before you actually eat and taste. You imagine the pleasure.

Desire requires just enough belief that the thing you want is unattainable. Desire is over there. You can barely grasp it. It’s so slippery and wet, it squeezes out between your fingers. You’re afraid you will lose it before you even have it.

Sometimes you have to walk away. Shut the door. A thousand times no. But the desire stays, a burning ember deep in the back of your mind.

So this week, we go spelunking:
Desirable Bits Elsewhere:

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