Margit’s Note: I’m Too Sexy For This Post

Hello Sexy,

Because you know you are. This week we relish in the things we find, or make us feel, sexy.

We had a brainstorm that made us blush…

Knocking knees under the table. A glass of deep red wine. The smell of freshly washed skin. A raised eyebrow. Running as fast as you can and feeling your heart beat. A deep blue. This Tumblr that marries design and sex.  This photo of Marlon Brando and Rita Moreno. Red lips. A secret smile across a bookstore. Sweat. Firemen. The friction of fabric. Parallel Parking.

Huh? Yeah, well, I have a weird thing that when a guy throws his arm over the back seat to backup and wedge into that parking spot, I find it completely male and hot.

To each her (sexy) own.

Our hit list:

Enjoy the deliciousness. And Happy Valentine’s Day!


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