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Margit’s Note: Stories Out of Office

(Graphic by Helen Jane Hearn/TueNight)

One of the nice things about working for myself, as opposed to working for Le Man, is that I can navigate my own schedule, all while wearing yoga pants. So when something pops up—oh, say, like, maybe a tennis-ball-sized ovarian cyst?— it’s a bit easier to schedule surgery. Well, at least logistically it is. But independent or not, I still have to find coverage for all manner of TueNight and Gyrate Media-related tasks.

Consider this my out of the office message (or OOO, for you corporate bingo types).

I’ll be offline for two weeks, recovering and — hidden bonus! — finally getting to watch House of Cards. *

I’m sure I’ll eventually write about the departure of this little blob that has been hitching a ride on my right ovary for who knows how long. By that time, I can share whether I tossed out a few other things while my doc was poking around in there. “We’re going in anyway; you don’t need those tubes, right?” Ah, the indignities of midlife.

But that is a story for another issue. This week, we’re talking about your office life — the meaning and mettle of the majority of your hours, whether it’s tales of the cast of characters who surround you, crushing life lessons from first jobs, bro-tacular office lingo and much more.

Next week and the following, our brilliant friend and oft contributor Stacy Morrison (also former editor-in-chief of Redbook and BlogHer) will be womanning the ship as our guest editor. We couldn’t be in better hands. Thank you, Stacy.

This week:

See you in two!


*And, hey, give me your binge TV-watching and reading suggestions in the comments!


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