Hot image by Sharon McCutcheon

Boiling Over, Bubbling Hot

My quick history of hot…

Sticking to vinyl car seats

Trying to leap over the heater (still have the scar)

Bare feet on a baking sidewalk

Bare feet on burning sand

“So hot you’re cool, so cool you’re hot.”

Glimpse of a shoulder

Ice cube stroked down a neck

First morning cup of black coffee

The glowing orange tip of a lit cigarette

A particular taco I had in Austin in 1992

“So take off all your clothes…”

Subway armpits

Blackout in NYC. 2003. No electricity. No A/C. 

Laying on the bed listening to a 20-year old Walkman, drenched

A deep kiss at 2.a.m.

Capsaicin to ease knee pain

Jalapeno-spiked margarita in Mexico City

Boob sweat. Gross.

Scrambling over red rocks in Sedona

Noodles from a night market

Chemo drugs searing across my chest, lungs

Dripping wet pillow case

“It’s 116 in Portland!”

Watching two 23-ish-year-olds kiss on Love Island

“Alexa, what are things that are hot?”

“The sun and fire”

August, 2021

This month, we’re turning up the temp for some sweaty storytelling:

Stay cool y’all, it’s a scorcher.



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