TueNight’s Best from 4 Months of Awesome

Give Tears for Fears a sandwich…

After laughing over a gallery of ’80s musicians today (man, we’ll have what the Human League is having), a friend commented, “Feeling curiously old and young at the same time.”

Bingo. That’s where we are here at TueNight. Stuck in the middle with you. A very good place to be.

While it’s only been four months, we thought we’d share 12 of our favorite stories from 2013.

How did we pick ’em? It wasn’t an exact science (although I did make a delicious spreadsheet). We tabulated based on page views and comments, but we also looked at the stories that defined our voice and diversity of perspective.

Because if we have a goal here at TueNight, it’s to be a little messy. As Gen-X women, we’re not easy to sum up, categorize, scrutinize, organize or understand. And we like it that way.

The Best of TueNight

  1. Dinosaur Jr.: On Entering the Puberty of Old Age. The story that kicked us off.
  2. Silly Things People Have Said To Me When I Tell Them I’m Not Having Kids. By far, our most popular piece.
  3. My Big ’80s Pink Prom Dress: A Love Story. A bit of big-haired nostalgia.
  4. Why Intervention Was the Worst Show for this Alcoholic. Susan’s fantastic, brave column about recovery.
  5. I Joined a Rollerderby Team at 46. Because we’re still a little punk rock.
  6. What I Learned From My Stalker. Scared all of us.
  7. Online Dating: Why You’re Doing It Wrong. Even in our advanced age, we need a little help.
  8. On the Event of My “Canniversary.” Amazing things can happen when you “escape” a job.
  9. How I Became an Empty-Nester at 43. A beautiful tale of next chapters.
  10. The Magic of the Mixtape. A lost art remembered.
  11. Dog, Divorce, Do-Over: Meditations on Momo. The loss of a pet.
  12. Park Slope, Brooklyn: A Mom’s Defense. This is not my beautiful house…Or is it.
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And have the happiest of New Years!


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  1. Shelly "Splinters" Rabuse

    Proud of you!

  2. Kristy Krivitsky

    Congratulations and keep ’em coming!

  3. Adrianna Dufay

    Happy New Year! Happy New Year! (oh, sorry, I’m singing this week’s late night snack!)


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