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The TueDo List: Beer, Ello, New TV and Selfies

If there is a time for vices it’s the weekend. Work-free, ideally. Fun-centered, hopefully. And whatever your proclivities happen to be, it’s always the best time to find partners in crime — even if it’s just for a late-night ice cream run. We approve.


If you’re a beer fan, this is the best weekend of the year to get out (safely, please — don’t drive) and enjoy some brews with literally millions of others. The ultimate beer celebration — Oktoberfest — runs until October 5 in Munich, where it’s a full-fledged family celebration including masses and gun salutes. Many cities in the U.S. borrow this tradition with beer parties of their own. There are so many we’re suggesting you hit up the Beer Advocate events calendar to see what’s going on near you.


If the need to be on every single social media platform — and spend extensive time in the great indoors lit only by the glow of your iPhone  — Ello may be your next fix. It just launched this week, and invitations went out yesterday (We have some. The first 10 people to sign up for our newsletter will get an Ello Invite). I’m still figuring out what we’re supposed to do there, and why I need another social network, or why that tiny evil eye icon is staring back at me, but I remember when I had similar concerns about Twitter, and, well, it’s still there, tens of thousands of tweets later. Word is that Ello is becoming a popular spot for the LGBT community, due to Facebook’s “You must use your legal name” policy — unhelpful if you’re a seeking some form of anonymity online.

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(Photo: Courtesy Ello.com)

TV Binge

Premium channels, midwinter series runs and Netflix debuts mean the TV season is more like every season now, but fall still means brand new shows and fresh runs for some old favorites. If want to mark your calendar, TV Guide is still a great standby for staking out what starts when. Gotham and How to Get Away With Murder look like two promising new recruits, and I’ll admit to crying my way through the premiere of the final season of Parenthood last night.

As for shirking duties and parking my face in front of a screen to catch up on whole series at a time — best worst guilty pleasure EVER — True Detective is next on my watch list. If you need something to hold you over until Season Two (when Rachel McAdams is expected to join the cast)  this spoof video featuring Kate Mara and Ellen Page should do just fine. So funny, plus they have chemistry to burn, and I really wish this was a real show.

Believe in Your Selfie

Love them or leave them, selfies have become a fact of life. I’m a diehard, never sponsored Canon PowerShot loyalist, and the new line makes the art of self-portraiture (Frida Kahlo was into them, what?) even easier. The brand new GX-7 has a back LCD screen that flips a full 180 degrees — the better to see yourself with, definitely.

This model is on the pricier end of my wish list at $699, but there are options at lots of price points in the PowerShot line — all selfie-compatible, if you stretch your arms out just a little more. And speaking of competing vices, I’ll be over here talking myself out of that other selfie-enabler, the iPhone 6. Because my 5 is just fine, I swear. I can quit buying new phones anytime.

(Photo: Courtesy: Usa.canon.com)

(Photo: Courtesy Facebook)

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