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Your Weekend TueDo List: Game of Thrones, an Important Hair Petition and More

Yes, yes we know — we deliver every Tuesday. Well, sometimes we just can’t wait. To that end, here are a few cool things to check out this weekend.


Game of Thrones Season Premiere. Sure, the costumes are exquisite, but there’s also some amazing hair flowing around in this much-loved series. Between Cersei’s long, top braided locks and Daenerys’ bleached blonde strands, they must have some seriously killer hair products on Westeros. (Sunday, April 6, 9pm, HBO)


If you’re a black woman in the army, it just got harder to get ready in the morning. A new ARMY regulation — AR 670 — specifies hairstyles and grooming that are in and out of regulation. Dreadlocks or twists of any kind are unauthorized, and cornrows and braids are only very narrowly allowed. Sign the White House Petition if you think our soldiers should be allowed to wear professional, ethnic hairstyles. We did.


Bumble and Bumble’s New Cityswept Finish Spray. This light-weight finishing spray gives your hair a clean but “lived in” look — holding your style and giving it texture without making it look “done up.” Perfect for the city girl who wants to achieve that effortless, yet chic, street-style look. (Sephora.com, $29)


Francis Bitonti’s Cloud Collection. Still not sure what all this 3D printing is about? Then check out Francis Bitonti’s Cloud Collection exhibit at the Makerbot Store tonight at 8pm. From vases to serving bowls to a beautiful dress, you’ll be amazed at what can be created from a 3D printer. (Makerbot Store, 298 Mulberry Street, NYC, 8-10pm)

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