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7 Handmade Gifts for Your Girlfriends

(Graphic: Helen Jane Hearn/TueNight)

Here at TueNight we love to think of ourselves as crafty and creative, but the fact is we’re busy and distracted and still haven’t quite finished that scarf we started knitting in 2007. That’s why we’re grateful for our relationship with and the textile designers, artists, jewelry makers, knitters and carpenters who actually put their tremendous skills to use. There’s no better way to say “I care” than by giving something handmade while supporting a true artisan. You can finish that scarf next year.

tuenight gift guide adrianna dufay girlfriends coloring book

(Photo: Courtesy of

1. Flower Designs Coloring Book

For your work friend who knows more about your daily life struggles than your mom does. These grown-up coloring books are ravishingly pretty yet inexpensive enough to justify as a sweet treat. And there’s a reason these books are trendy among stressed-out adults; they’re highly meditative.


tuenight gift guide adrianna dufay girlfriends gold lips

(Photo: Courtesy of

2. Gold foil lip print

There’s something so Debbie Harry about these luxe gold lips. Remind your old college pal of your youthful indiscretions with this fabulous minimalist print.


tuenight gift guide adrianna dufay girlfriends airplant

(Photo: Courtesy of

3. Leather and copper air plant holder

For your bud who wants to grow plants and just can’t, a trio of air plants in this handsome holder (air plants not included!) are about as simple as it gets. Warning: The holder does not guarantee a green thumb.


tuenight gift guide adrianna dufay girlfriends giraffe clutch

(Photo: Courtesy of

4. Envelope clutch in giraffe print

This linen-lined clutch is so sophisticated and playful at the same time — it’s the perfect charmer for your fashionable friend who dreads the dreary winter season.


tuenight gift guide adrianna dufay girlfriends cuff ring

(Photo: Courtesy of

5. Silver cuff ring

This sterling silver cuff is on my own list this year. It’s strong yet delicate, classic yet unusual. Gift it to the pal who has helped you through everything from breakups to bad haircuts.


tuenight gift guide adrianna dufay girlfriends collage art

(Photo: Courtesy of

6. Photo, print and embroidery thread artwork

I love giving artwork; it’s supremely unique and never goes out of style. This jaunty collage manages to be both old-fashioned and feminist, making it the ideal gift for the friend who talked you into attending your first protest.


tuenight gift guide adrianna dufay girlfriends scandinavian throw

(Photo: Courtesy of

7. Baby alpaca throw

Sometimes your friend needs a hug. And sometimes that hug takes the form of a wonderfully soft and lightweight Scandinavian-inspired throw blanket.


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